Do you struggle to learn or retain information?  

Do you comprehend what you read?

Is your anxiety a daily struggle? Recovering from a brain injury? stroke?

Brain Integration Technique has helped many people with these functional blocks find relief in 12-15 hours time

Brain Integration is a drug free neuroscience technique!

View More: name is Diane Minkner and I have dedicated my life to helping others change their lives with a holistic approach to healing which includes Complex Homeopathy, Muscle Reactivation Technique, along with Crossinology Brain Integration.  I have bio energetic medicine practices in Scottsdale,  Arizona and Coeur d’Alene,  Idaho.

Brain Integration Technique is a neuroscience based process for removing functional blocks within the brain.  The brain is a flow system, designed to receive, integrate and process information for storing and retrieval at a later time.

When this flow system is blocked in any way, the brain must find a detour around this block; it takes longer, causes delays, and often cannot process or retrieve information in a timely manner.  This is what we call a Learning Disability.  It also shows up as an anxiety disorder or a memory issue.

Brain Integration is cutting edge treatment that changes the brain wave patterns permanently, corrects learning disabilities and removes the impact of negative emotions and past trauma, restoring the neurological flow to your brain.

In my practice I offer adult ADHD treatments as well as ADHD treatments for adults and children.  Every treatment is unique as is the individual.  Treatment for learning disorders, ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit  with hyperactivity disorder) begin with brain integration and involve additional physiological exercises and protocols to assure that every issue is addressed during your time here.  I am a certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner and I treat clients for emotional, physical health ailments, and nutritional needs as well.  I have a full homeopathic pharmacy onsite. For additional details, please see my clinical website at

Please call 480-473-8773 or 208-991-8300 and let’s talk.  I’m here for you and I want you to reach out to me. 

Brain Integration Arizona is available for you now!  Coeur d’Alene and North Idaho office opened in 2016 and is taking appointments now.