Suffer from…

  • ADD or ADHD, Dyslexia, or other learning disabilities?

  • Trouble Concentrating?

  • Problems with Memory?

  • Test Anxiety?

  • Poor Reading Comprehension?

  • Trouble focusing in school?

  • Poor Organizational Skills?

  • Auditory & Visual Processing Concerns?

  • Lack Time Management Skills?

  • Math difficult for you?

If the answer is yes, then one of our unique  Holistic Treatment Plans is right for you or your loved one!  We understand and have successfully helped many students gain control over learning, improve comprehension, and increase their concentration and focus!  The answer could involve neurotransmitter deficiencies that amino acid therapy can help!  Call me today for an assessment

Contact Diane Minkner immediately!  Don’t wait to start learning with less effort!

We utilize the Brain Integration Technique in our unique treatment plans to help the brain learn by removing stress and unblocking the neuropathways in the brain itself..

Everybody can have the ability to learn.  If you are struggling with learning in any way, we can help!

Let us help you today!  You shouldn’t have to handle this by yourself!

“An open mind is receptive to learning!”