Adolescent Muscle Reactivation

 Muscle Reactivation Technique for Adolescents

  •  Side lined from a sports injury or surgery?

  • Suffering paralysis or limited mobility after a stroke?

  • Trouble regaining full function following an injury?

  • Lack Coordination or balance?

  • Been told you have Poor Posture?

  • Muscle weakness from recent surgery?

  • Persistent inflammation from a vehicle accident or trauma?

  • Suffer from chronic Pain?

  • Neuro-muscular dysfunction?

Many people have found that Muscle Reactivation is the solution to these issues!  Individuals with learning challenges often suffer from a lack of coordination or poor balance.  For these individuals plus those who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury or a Stroke, we use Muscle Reactivation Technique together with Brain Integration Technique to restore full neuromuscular function to the body and brain.

Muscle reactivation helps athletes reach their potential by assuring that all tendons, ligaments, and muscles are fully “online”, working as they should in complete alignment with the brain signals.

Don’t wait to get help immediately following any injury.  You don’t have to live with physical limitations!  Contact Diane Minkner us today!

Sports injuries, concussions, surgeries, or even strokes often result in what we call “offline muscles”.  An “offline muscle” is a muscle that is not sending or receiving messages from the brain any longer because the signal is either completely blocked from being transmitted or is weakened.   In this situation, the individual can suffer from poor coordination or weak muscle tone, inflexibility, chronic pain or loss of balance. “Off-line” muscles also negatively affect specific organs which are physiologically connected in their functions.  When a signal from the brain to the muscle becomes compromised for any reason, the affected muscle will cease to function and other muscles surrounding it will overcompensate causing further imbalances and injuries.

Help is available!

Muscle Reactivation therapy re-connects the pathways and brings appropriate nerve stimulus to the muscle.   Even without any previous history of trauma, some muscles may inadvertently just be offline, causing poor coordination.  Muscle Reactivation enhances performance in all areas of gross and fine motor skills.  This technique is especially recommended for all athletes to perform at their full potential and to gain an edge over the competition.  Together with Brain Integration, you will perform academically and physically to the best of your genetic potential.

Muscle reactivation therapy is not muscle manipulation or physical therapy. We utilize painless neuro-muscular re-education techniques which activate muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Offices are located in Scottsdale Arizona for your convenience.  We offer onsite team treatments by special arrangement.

Enhance your athletic performance by improving strength, flexibility, coordination,  gross and fine motor skills!

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