Are you or your loved one struggling with allergies?  Help is available without drugs!

Science has proven that every object on Earth, possesses a surrounding electromagnetic energy field. When your body comes in contact with a substance that has an incompatible energy field, it reacts by repulsion causing a subsequent immune response. This negative reaction is what we call an “allergy”.   Allergic reaction can be inherited or a result of exposure to toxins, pollens, dust, molds, chemicals, stress, a nutritional deficienciy, a malabsorption disorder, and even a negative reaction from common electronic devices.

Since allergies are a secondary symptom of a larger issue with the body,  I holistically assess the entire body to see where the disruption in communication is.  Then I use Autonomic Response Testing to energetically isolate allergies and food intolerances.  This process works within the body’s bio-electrical pathways or meridians.  Using the latest neuroscience technique, I am able to identify your body’s responses to stimuli and to then investigate the root cause of each imbalance within your body.  This may involve removal of the original toxic substance locked within the structure of the cells.  Once the organic cause is removed, I am able to energetically remove the body’s allergic response to the current stimulus.