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View More: is the owner of the Center for Integrative Healing in Scottsdale, Arizona and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and founder of Integration for Performance.  Originally trained in Brain Integration Technique to help with learning disorders, Diane brings her training and experience as a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner together with Brain Integration to truly address the entire person.  She approaches all clients through the whole body approach to healing, evaluating wellness through physical, mental, emotional, and physiological  perspectives.

Diane entered the health care field after she discovered whole body healing herself, after decades of self discovery.  As an adopted child who struggled to really connect with others, she began her own journey of healing by with coming to terms with her past and the impact that it brought into her present.  What began as a journey through self improvement transitioned into a life’s passion for helping others.

Diane had learning disabilities personally touch her own life.  Living herself with undiagnosed auditory processing disorder & learning disabilities, she struggled throughout her teenage years with low self esteem.  She felt stupid and disconnected from her peers.  She knows first hand how feeling awkward and different can detrimentally affect a young person’s life.  She also knows how unresolved problems snowball and become bigger problems.  Diane felt the sting of emotional problems, as an adult with low self esteem and developed reoccurring dysfunctional patterns in her life.  As an adopted child, Diane’s fear of abandonment dictated many decisions in her life including accepting poor behavior from others and boundary violations.  She understands how a person can feel helpless, hopeless and “stuck” in their own patterns.

Not only does Diane know first hand what growing up with challenges feels like, she also knows what it is like on the other side of the fence; as a parent.  Having raised children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, she knows how frustrating and heartbreaking it was to watch her loved ones struggle in a system which was not designed for children who learn differently.  Being a parent with learning disabled children, Diane truly understands how widespread the stress within a family can become.  Communication can break down and tension mounts when parents and siblings struggle to understand why a child behaves differently.  Relationships suffer.  Marriages dissolve.  The whole family suffers.

Diane knows that untreated emotional blocks eventually produce physical symptoms.  Through an integrative process of healing her brain, her body and her spiritual self, Diane has successfully overcome chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease and she has now dedicated her career to assisting others in their journey to healing.   Wellness and healing are a conscious decision and Diane is excited to help you achieve this in your life.

Diane has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with post graduate work in Bio-Kinesiology, Applied Physiology and Neurophysiology.  She graduated from University of Maryland Summa Cum Laude.  Diane sees clients in her office and also contracts with residential treatment facilities and private corporations for on site Brain Integrations.  Diane has recently introduced the LENS biofeedback certification to her credentials.


“Are you stupid or something?”

There was one little girl who would cry herself to sleep every night as thoughts of dread filled her mind about going to school in the morning.  School was so very hard for her with its noisy classrooms full of the talking moving kids. The boy next to her would tap his foot, the girl in front would twirl her hair, and the boy behind would tap his pencil and sniffle.

During quiet work time the teacher would erase the blackboard and open and close her desk drawers while chatting students would walk down the hallway drawing her interest through the open classroom door. When the radiator would turn on it made a particular noise and even the tick of the clock on the wall would beg her minds notice.

All these distractions would disrupt her focus and grab her attention away from the school work that was before her.

She would really try her very best to concentrate but she just struggled to stay focused on a single task. Her little mind was always going and so when the teacher would call on her to answer a question or contribute to the classroom discussion she would get all flushed, nervous and confused in what to say. The teacher would blurt out “Try harder! You’re not trying hard enough!!!”.

She would hear her classmates snicker and say things like “That is so easy. Are you stupid or something?”

It wasn’t all that unusual for the whole class to break out in laughter as she stumbled for words to satisfy the teacher so she could then sit back down and have the spotlight pulled off of her.

Inside her young heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest and she just wanted to run home to her bedroom, hide her face in her pillow and cry. Those moments, which felt like eons, seemed to always end with the teacher scolding her to just sit down and start paying attention.  To her sorrow and disappointment there was no running away from the problem that resided inside her head and plagued her.

In today’s classroom, this little girl would have probably been labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder, but not back then. To her sorrow and the disappointment of her parents there was no running away from the problem that resided inside her head and plagued her.

How did this little girl get like this? What happened to her? Some say it was because she was emotionally traumatized very early on in her life, being spared abortion, by God’s grace, through the Salvation Army that convinced her young teenage mother to complete the pregnancy and to give her baby up for adoption. Others say, No! a baby has no ability to be affected by emotional turbulence and hurtful words while growing inside of her mother’s womb so it must be the traumatic experience of the several foster homes she was moved in and out of early on in her infancy and childhood. One said perhaps she sustained an injury to her head while others suspect she could have been exposed to something environmental.

To this little girl, it really didn’t matter why because at this point she already had the programming in her head of being unlovable and unworthy. Even after her parents adopted her, the message that she kept subconsciously playing in her little mind over and over was, “You’re not good enough to keep, not good enough to fit in and not good enough to be friends with.”

Whether trauma is due to emotional, physical or environmental factors, the human brain can develop neurological dysfunctions which affect a person’s ability to manage stress, process information, or effectively navigate through life situations in a healthy way. In fact, in my experience as a Brain Integration Practitioner, this trauma usually starts in childhood.

Something happens that the child registers as traumatic, as in the case with our little girl, and the child does not have the computing capacity in their brain to make sense of it. They just know it hurts, so the brain goes into ‘protect mode’ and shuts down that hurt area of the brain in order to stop the hurting. The brain signal gets cut off and the blood flow gets reduced to that region. Problem is, the brain is very young and still developing and these areas seldom get turned back on because work-around routes have started developing around the now closed areas. These work-around routes soon become the main routes for brain function but they are never as efficient as the organic primary routes. Unfortunately, those protected/blocked off areas will remain closed and undeveloped through adulthood unless they are reopened and restored.

Brain Integration can restore those blocked areas of the brain!

Research shows that up to half of those with learning disabilities go undiagnosed. When undiagnosed, the embarrassment, self-doubt, pressure and social stigma a child experiences can lead to more than academic difficulties. Learning disabled students may also develop self-esteem, emotional, and social problems. Many will give up the struggle — in fact, the dropout rate for children with learning disorders is nearly 40 percent.

How much longer can you bear watching your child struggle, feeling helpless to relieve their internal suffering all the while enduring the affects it is having on the entire family? What about you? What messages have been playing inside of your head over and over that has kept you prisoner from your full potential and a life of joy? Like with our little girl, she didn’t know consciously what the root of her hurt was, she just knew how painful every day was to get through. Her parents anguished over her struggles but felt helpless to fix it while well-wishers told them, “She is just a little girl and she will grow out of it and be normal like other kids someday.” Really? Really? I’ll save that for next time.

Until then…… Schedule your appointment today for a Bio-Energetic Assessment to learn how Brain Integration can help you, your child or your loved one. I can help. It’s drug-free. There is hope! Really!!






The Most Important Relationship

I can’t help wondering if people stop to think about how terribly they treat themselves.  I know I am guilty myself of neglecting my health, ignoring my feelings and telling myself how I’m not good enough when I’ve done the best I possibly can.  Although I know better, I still do it.  You’re probably wondering right now why it matters?  It matters because how you relate to others is a reflection of how others will treat you. Do you judge yourself harshly?  Do you accept yourself for who you are?  Do you love yourself?  Are you kind to yourself?  Well you should be! 

If you don’t treat yourself with respect, you can’t really expect other people to.  

The relationship you have with yourself dictates the relationships you will have with those around you.  If you are attracting something into your life, it is time to go within and heal your relationship with yourself first.  Things don’t just happen randomly.  You are NOT always a victim of random circumstances.  (Sometimes bad things do happen and it is not your fault)  It is when there is a pattern of things happening in your life that there is a problem.  According to the laws of physics, we all attract what we are tuned into.  Like a radio, your brain is tuned into a specific “frequency” and you will attract that which you have tuned in.  To change your environment, you have to change the tuner, not the environment.  

Everything is available for you if you are tuned into the right frequency!  

Through complete integration of mind, body and spirit, you can align yourself with what you want to attract.  You can attract healing and wellness.  This all starts with awareness.  Awareness leads to accepting responsibility.  Responsibility empowers you to change.  Being a victim assigns blame and gives away your power. 

Victims do not heal!!! 

Depression is Trapped in My Brain!

depression-brainI was browsing some research completed by Harvard Medical School and found this wonderful information which confirms what those of us in the neuroscience field of Brain Integration already know.  Depression is a result of brain signals, not just chemical responses (neurogenesis and nerve cell communication within/between specific areas within the brain).  Science is finally documenting what we have been seeing in our practice for years.  Depression is not as simple to treat as many traditional health care providers will let you think.  While it does involve chemicals in your brain, it also involves the electromagnetic signals put out by areas within your brain.  What triggers those chemicals to be released in excess or be not released enough?  Recognizing where the problem is only part of the equation.

Here is the next part of the equation …..To resolve the issue, you need to resolve the issue —LITERALLY!  If you do not get to the heart of the original issue that caused the limbic system to react, then you do not do anything more than topically treat the symptoms.  Treating the symptoms does not remove or resolve the problem.  Depression sits in specific areas of your brain, locked into neuro-connections made from past memories and associations.

Through (BIT) Brain Integration Technique, I go into those specific areas of the brain by accessing the subconscious through muscle testing to see where the electromagnetic signal is being diverted,  disrupted, or blocked.  The subconscious mind is amazing.  It NEVER forgets but it does connect memories to false signals causing functional blocks!  If you want to find out where the problem lies, why not ask the expert?………YOU

Please spread the word to help people understand that there is help available…without drugs. There is hope.

Call today 480-473-8773 for Arizona or 208-991-8300 for North Idaho or contact me to schedule your Brain Integration today!

We always HIGHLY recommend  clients follow up with a behavioral health care provider for emotional support and for help in learning new cognitive and behavioral strategies.  We all work together to support our clients and to get them the help that they need to live fuller, more enriched lives.

Here is the link to the Harvard article


Healing Solution for Brain Injuries

stroke brain

Whether you’ve suffered a stroke or been a victim of a traumatic brain injury, there is help available.  Please do not accept what conventional medicine tells you about the limitations you might have following either of these injuries.  We have had great success treating individuals with Brain Integration Technique!  You CAN regain movement in a hand or foot following a stroke!  You CAN regain your sense of smell to enjoy food again!  You CAN reconnect the speech centers of your brain to connect with your communication centers again.  Results are progressive and some results are immediate, but the important thing is the results are undeniable.  Just ask someone who has lost their sense of smell from a stroke.  They will tell you it is a sense they never realized until it was gone, how much they enjoyed the smell of fresh cut grass, of blooming flowers, of cooking food.  When you lose a sense, your world as you know it changes.  The brain is known by science to have Neuroplasticity, which is to say that it is always changing and learning.  The brain literally changes from experiences and it can be “taught” again following brain injuries.

If you have symptoms like this following a head trauma or a stroke:

  • slurred speech

  • dizziness, balance problems

  • confusion processing

  • trouble speaking the correct words (aphasia)

  • reversing letters or numbers

  • trouble organizing thoughts

  • memory problems

  • loss of feeling and use of appendages

You don’t have to live with these symptoms!

Many people have enjoyed relief from Brain Integration Treatment!

Call or email us today to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation with Diane


Healing takes time, and results are often not immediate for all symptoms, but the end result is nothing short of amazing.  Please feel free to browse our website to learn all the wonderful areas Brain Integration helps!

Boston Marathon Bombing

Child PTSDAs I read the latest findings about this horrific event, I can’t help but know that it is not just the victims who were taken by ambulance who will forever be changed by this tragedy.  Smells from that day will take on new meaning to many, while others will never feel the same hearing a car backfire.  The brain changes with every new experience and will forever be on “alert” for sounds, smells, sights that warn of another bombing.  This is what behavioral health professionals refer to as PTSD.  Post traumatic stress disorder is past stress hard wired in your brain, wreaking havoc with your present.  Your subconscious mind has secured that memory in one or several structures of your brain and it is pulling resources from other areas of your brain.  There is a way to disrupt and remove that issue and redirect your brain signal electromagnetically back to the normal flow of processing with Brain Integration Technique.

PTSD brainCall for a free 15 minute phone consultation with our President and CEO Diane Minkner, Brain Specialist 480-473-8773

The best way to get through this kind of event is to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to heal from this kind of life altering experience.  It will take time to put the experience behind you.  If you find that after a significant amount of time (six months or so), your emotions still have control of you or your senses have taken over, please seek help.  There is help available and you don’t have to live with the recurring events living everyday in your head.  PTSD involves a condition that happens in the brain where the past interferes with the present and emotions interfere with cognition.  In brain integration we refer to this as Deep Level Switching.  This  condition that takes place in the brain when the electromagnetic signal in the brain reverse polarizes in certain areas within the brain itself.

This condition is one of the first things we check for in a brain integration assessment.  It is easily correctable and the results are astounding.  We also go further and correct the triggers that are hard wired into the brain, signaling danger to the senses.

Call today 480-473-8773 or email us today for an appointment for your Brain Integration!


Is Your Record Skipping?

Is Your Record Skipping?As I reflect back on my life, I realize that I used to think of myself as a victim of my circumstances and wonder why I kept having unfulfilling relationships.  People weren’t there for me when I really needed them to be and I kept looking for the WELCOME sign that I just knew was stuck somewhere on my back.  I was certain of this, because it seemed like everybody walked all over me!  Sound familiar to anyone reading this?  It wasn’t until I understood that I was simply repeating experiences over and over because I had etched them into my mind, that I was able to break from my patterns.  Mind over matter right?  WRONG!  Matter over mind!  Or more precisely matter impressed on my mind (my brain).

Neuroplasticity at work!

Thanks to something called Neuroplasticity, my brain learned from my past experiences, thereby building a reference for my future.  You see the brain is a bit of a lazy learner.  Once it has learned something, it compares every new experience to the past one it stored.  If the new situation resembles the past experience in any manner, the brain responds in kind with a preconditioned response.  It knows how this scenario played out last time, so it takes the same route!  But why is the result the same situation after situation?  Well………..

Your brain only knows what it already learned! Unless your new experience ends differently, it will continue to conclude that there is no other option available.  Why is that????

Well you see…… your brain waves emit a frequency from your brain into the environment which always search for a frequency match.  If you already have a reference for being abused, for example, your brain will actively hunt for a frequency match out in the universe.  You literally attract what you project out.  Now of course I don’t mean that you consciously are looking for somebody to treat you poorly, but it is the station that you are tuned into.  You can change your brain frequency with Brain Integration Technique.  I did and I only wish I had discovered this cutting edge treatment earlier in my life.  You can make an appointment to change your life!

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PTSD…….wired together forever?

PTSDIf you’re one of the many people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, chances are somebody somewhere has told you to just “get over it”.  You’ve probably been beating yourself up and feeling like you should have control over your emotions and just move on.  Ever wonder why you can’t?  It’s because your brain “changed” from that experience.   You built a reference in your brain from which to judge all other experiences from.  Your brain “learned” how to respond to a situation and is determined to protect you from experiencing that stress ever again.  The problem often is that because your brain is so diligently trying to protect you,  it responds to any situation that it perceives as a threat.  This, in a nutshell, explains illogical reactions you might have to smells, sounds, or sights which can trigger a PTSD episode.  The good news is that Brain Integration Technique locates and removes the emotional impact from the experience and helps you move on with your life to create new experiences.

Most of us have heard of the term Neuroplasticity.  Dr. Eric Kandel of Columbia shared a Nobel Prize in 2000, reflecting decades of research on how the brain changes when learning occurs. In summary, Dr. Kandel showed that the connections among neurons – synapses – must change physically if memories are to be formed. He showed this at a molecular level, validating Hebb’s famous insight from the 40s: What fires together wires together. Learning = neuroplasticity.

What fires together wires together, and what fires apart wires apart!

neurons synapse

In 1993, Mogliner and colleagues looked at the brains of individuals who had been born with webbed fingers. Literally, this means that some of their fingers could not operate separately – they functioned as an assembly, in unison. Following corrective surgery to allow the fingers to move independently, researchers looked for changes in the (somatosensory) cortex. What they found was that the synaptic wiring of neurons in the corresponding brain regions had changed substantially.  Within weeks following surgery, people began to control their fingers independently.  This reaffirms the fact that the brain hardwires itself from experiences! 

If I get any point across in this article at all, it is to prove to you that you are not weak and you are not a fault and that help is available!  Call us today 480-473-8773 or email us for an appointment for your Brain Integration!

ptsd badge