Meet our blogger Diane Minkner

View More: is the owner of the Center for Integrative Healing in Scottsdale, Arizona and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and founder of Integration for Performance.  Originally trained in Brain Integration Technique to help with learning disorders, Diane brings her training and experience as a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner together with Brain Integration to truly address the entire person.  She approaches all clients through the whole body approach to healing, evaluating wellness through physical, mental, emotional, and physiological  perspectives.

Diane entered the health care field after she discovered whole body healing herself, after decades of self discovery.  As an adopted child who struggled to really connect with others, she began her own journey of healing by with coming to terms with her past and the impact that it brought into her present.  What began as a journey through self improvement transitioned into a life’s passion for helping others.

Diane had learning disabilities personally touch her own life.  Living herself with undiagnosed auditory processing disorder & learning disabilities, she struggled throughout her teenage years with low self esteem.  She felt stupid and disconnected from her peers.  She knows first hand how feeling awkward and different can detrimentally affect a young person’s life.  She also knows how unresolved problems snowball and become bigger problems.  Diane felt the sting of emotional problems, as an adult with low self esteem and developed reoccurring dysfunctional patterns in her life.  As an adopted child, Diane’s fear of abandonment dictated many decisions in her life including accepting poor behavior from others and boundary violations.  She understands how a person can feel helpless, hopeless and “stuck” in their own patterns.

Not only does Diane know first hand what growing up with challenges feels like, she also knows what it is like on the other side of the fence; as a parent.  Having raised children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, she knows how frustrating and heartbreaking it was to watch her loved ones struggle in a system which was not designed for children who learn differently.  Being a parent with learning disabled children, Diane truly understands how widespread the stress within a family can become.  Communication can break down and tension mounts when parents and siblings struggle to understand why a child behaves differently.  Relationships suffer.  Marriages dissolve.  The whole family suffers.

Diane knows that untreated emotional blocks eventually produce physical symptoms.  Through an integrative process of healing her brain, her body and her spiritual self, Diane has successfully overcome chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease and she has now dedicated her career to assisting others in their journey to healing.   Wellness and healing are a conscious decision and Diane is excited to help you achieve this in your life.

Diane has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with post graduate work in Bio-Kinesiology, Applied Physiology and Neurophysiology.  She graduated from University of Maryland Summa Cum Laude.  Diane sees clients in her office and also contracts with residential treatment facilities and private corporations for on site Brain Integrations.  Diane has recently introduced the LENS biofeedback certification to her credentials.