What issues is your child struggling with?

A lot of frustrated parents have brought their children to me and found relief from anxiety, learning disabilities, hyperactivity and emotional disorders, just to name a few.  Find out in one assessment if your child has information flowing through his or her brain correctly and how easy it is to remove the blocks and open the neuropathways to learning.

In my practice I use  Crossinology Brain Integration Technique in my comprehensive treatment plans for children.  I include amino acid therapies, homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements when needed to help your child be the best he or she can be.


Many parents have helped their children get the help they need by giving them a Brain Integration  At Integration for Performance, we help your child be able to learn by giving him or her full access to all areas of the brain and removing blocks to learning.  

Contact Diane Minkner now to find out how this process can help your child!  Undiagnosed learning difficulties not only make learning difficult, but they often delay a child’s social development and maturation.  Get your child the help he or she needs now to avoid problems tomorrow with self esteem!

Learning is a complicated process which requires the brain to receive information through various modalities, send it to the right area of the brain for processing, with accurate timing, and then recall that information at a later time.  Learning disabilities disrupt this process.  Brain Integration is an alternative natural treatment for learning disabilities and is not a tutoring technique or a series of exercises.

Isn’t this the look you would rather see on your child’s face?