The body is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs.  We energetically isolate what the body needs and gently provide what it needs

Every body is designed as a flow system to receive and to let go.  Anytime there is a block in that flow system, the body adapts in order to continue functioning.  That adaptation may present itself as a learning disability, auditory processing delay or any number of “disabilities”.  Like water flowing from the top of a mountain, to reach the bottom the most efficient way, it would have to run straight downhill without going around boulders, rocks and other blocks in the flow which could trap some water into pools to evaporate eventually without ever reaching the bottom.   The learning process works the same way.  Without physical, physiological, emotional, or mental blocks the body would process information efficiently, without delay, without going around obstacles.

In my practice,  I have taken years of practice working with children and adults together with the latest research and created a holistic approach to help open the brain for optimum efficiency.  I combine my training in Brain Integration Technique with my training in Bio Energetic Medicine and utilize a unique approach to treat clients from a holistic approach.  I utilize Amino Acid Therapy, Complex Homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and other specific protocols to discover the underlying issues within the body.  I energetically isolate and remove toxins from the body using the latest in safe effective detoxification systems.  I focus first on the microbiome and restoring the gut brain connection clearing the way for the body to do it’s own healing.  The body was divinely designed to be perfect but with external stress (from our food sources, lack of nutrition, vaccines, overuse of pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins) and internal stress from emotional and mental patterns, our blueprint for healthy cell replication has often been compromised and the body no longer has what it needs to initiate healing.  Then together we gently prod the body into action with supplements and then open the neuropathways within the brain using Brain Integration Technique.