Integration for Performance now offers our own proprietary Holistic Recovery Programs which incorporate Brain Integration!  If your patients can’t come to us, we offer contract work for onsite or close proximity treatment.  We set up a temporary facility close to your center thus bringing this specially designed addiction treatment protocol to your clients in a close offsite location which clients can be transported to.  We schedule three days of treatment for each client.  Day treatments can vary in amount of hours due to each client’s unique needs.  Diane Minkner has developed the Holistic Addiction Treatment Protocol which combines complex homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies and amino acid therapy together with Addiction Brain Physiology Treatment.  This is a unique proprietary protocol developed after much research in the addiction field.  Each treatment plan is designed after assessing the individual client using bio energetic testing techniques.  If your treatment center already provides naturopathic treatment, Brain Integration treatment can be provided alone.

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Using this specifically designed protocol, Diane removes physical toxins using gentle detoxification programs designed to initiate the body’s own immune response to eliminate toxic substances trapped within the structure of the cells which left untreated would continue to cause subconscious cravings for the addictive substance or an energetic frequency match to the original toxins- herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, vaccine adjuvants, or any other toxins.  Removing the root cause physically as well all emotional, mental or spiritual subconscious blocks or barriers to healing allows every client to be fully present and available to participate in their own healing.  The earlier patients complete their Brain Integration Program, the sooner they will be more receptive to learning new behavioral strategies to cope with stress.

Because life takes place outside of the residential facility, the stressors are normally still present once patients return to their usual environment and we specifically address these emotional and mental factors during treatment.  Throughout the program, we address the relationships in patients’ lives, as well as recurring situations, removing the previous hard wired behavioral patterns in the subconscious brain which were not conducive to a healthy living and a life of recovery.  All work is done utilizing Autonomic Response Testing and does not involve counseling or coaching.  It is our goal to remove all blocks preventing your clients from fully receiving treatment and thus wellness.

We provide maintain complete confidentiality at all times, sharing only pertinent information to other therapists within the treatment facility. Brain Integration works within the subconscious mind, so we welcome any input from patients’ other therapists.  Brain Integration can be utilized to address specific questions or issues that arise from other therapeutic sessions.

Please contact us to discuss opportunities to work together with your patients  480-473-8773.  Our President and CEO Diane Minkner is happy to visit your facility personally and discuss treatment plans for your specific center needs.