Comprehensive Brain & Body Bio Energetic Assessment (2 hrs) $290

The first step for all Brain Integration clients

  • energetically assesses current brain function, integration abilities and percentage ¬†access to all areas of the brain
  • energetically isolates environmental factors that interfere with brain function
  • energetically isolates nutritional deficiencies
  • energetically¬†assesses organs, glands, full body systems

Brain Integration
$2,500 flat fee for cash payment in advance (includes the amount of hours to fully complete initial treatment which can be anywhere from 12-20 hours + plus follow up appointments within 6 week timeframe)
$260 per hour if paid incrementally.

For your convenience, we will take a small deposit upon booking of your session and keep your credit card information on file and bill automatically on the day of your session

Comprehensive Bio Energetic Assessment and Evaluation (1.5 hr) $190

Allergy Testing and Allery Treatment Session $160 p/hour

Client can collect specimens for specific animals, pollens, molds present in their environment -ask me how

  • energetically isolates allergens and clear them from client
  • reduces current inflammation from allergic reactions

Bio Energetic Medicine clinical visits $160 p/hour
$80 1/2 hour

First visit must be one hour to establish a baseline of overall physical health

  • energetically isolates and clears environmental factors:
    viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. for client during the visit
  • reduces current inflammation
  • recommends homeopathic and/or herbal remedies for support

Muscle Reactivation Session $160

Emotional Release & Brain Physiology One Hour Session $260

Refills on all supplements are available without a charge for an office visit. So that we can be sure to have your supplements on hand, please email your request at least a week before you run out of your current supplements. For your convenience we can keep your credit card on file and you can pick up your products at designated pick up hours or have them shipped directly to you at flat rate shipping rates.For your convenience we can keep your credit card on file and you can pick up your products after hours or have them shipped to you directly for flat rate shipping fees.