PTSDIf you’re one of the many people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, chances are somebody somewhere has told you to just “get over it”.  You’ve probably been beating yourself up and feeling like you should have control over your emotions and just move on.  Ever wonder why you can’t?  It’s because your brain “changed” from that experience.   You built a reference in your brain from which to judge all other experiences from.  Your brain “learned” how to respond to a situation and is determined to protect you from experiencing that stress ever again.  The problem often is that because your brain is so diligently trying to protect you,  it responds to any situation that it perceives as a threat.  This, in a nutshell, explains illogical reactions you might have to smells, sounds, or sights which can trigger a PTSD episode.  The good news is that Brain Integration Technique locates and removes the emotional impact from the experience and helps you move on with your life to create new experiences.

Most of us have heard of the term Neuroplasticity.  Dr. Eric Kandel of Columbia shared a Nobel Prize in 2000, reflecting decades of research on how the brain changes when learning occurs. In summary, Dr. Kandel showed that the connections among neurons – synapses – must change physically if memories are to be formed. He showed this at a molecular level, validating Hebb’s famous insight from the 40s: What fires together wires together. Learning = neuroplasticity.

What fires together wires together, and what fires apart wires apart!

neurons synapse

In 1993, Mogliner and colleagues looked at the brains of individuals who had been born with webbed fingers. Literally, this means that some of their fingers could not operate separately – they functioned as an assembly, in unison. Following corrective surgery to allow the fingers to move independently, researchers looked for changes in the (somatosensory) cortex. What they found was that the synaptic wiring of neurons in the corresponding brain regions had changed substantially.  Within weeks following surgery, people began to control their fingers independently.  This reaffirms the fact that the brain hardwires itself from experiences! 

If I get any point across in this article at all, it is to prove to you that you are not weak and you are not a fault and that help is available!  Call us today 480-473-8773 or email us for an appointment for your Brain Integration!

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