Diane Minkner, Brain Integration Specialist, Applied Kinesiologist & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner!

Diane Minkner

I bring my expertise in Holistic Health Care together with Brain Integration to truly address the entire person.  I approach all clients through a whole body approach to healing, evaluating wellness through physical, mental, emotional, and physiological  perspectives.  I use my expertise in autonomic response testing to test for all factors which may impede physical healing including but not limited to heavy metals, toxins, and other environmental factors.

I approach all clients through the whole body approach to healing, evaluating wellness through physical, mental, emotional, and physiological  perspectives.

Here’s a little about me…My passion for helping people developed from overcoming my own undiagnosed learning disabilities and the resulting self worth issues that came from feeling inadequate around others.  I entered the health care field after I discovered whole body healing myself, after decades of emotional, mental as well as physical suffering as a result of not letting go of the experiences and trauma from my childhood.  As an adopted child who struggled to forge connections with others, I began my own journey of healing when I  discovered Brain Integration for myself.  I  became receptive to healing for the first time in my life and resolved the emotional turmoil that ensued from over 40 years of struggling.  What began as a journey through self improvement transitioned into a life’s passion for helping others.

I had learning disabilities personally touch my own life.  Living myself with an undiagnosed auditory processing disorder & multiple learning disabilities, I struggled throughout my teenage years with low self esteem.  I felt stupid and disconnected from my peers.  I found out how feeling awkward and different can detrimentally affect a young person’s life.  I also know how unresolved problems snowball and become bigger problems.  I personally felt the sting of emotional problems, as an adult with low self esteem and predictably developed reoccurring dysfunctional patterns in my life.  As an adopted child, my fear of abandonment dictated many decisions in my life including accepting poor behavior from others and boundary violations.  I understand how a person can feel helpless, hopeless and “stuck” in their own patterns.

Not only do I know first hand what growing up with challenges feels like, but I know what it is like to be on the other side of the fence; as a parent.  Having raised children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, I know how frustrating and heartbreaking it was to watch my loved ones struggle in a system which was not designed for children who learn differently.  Being a parent with learning disabled children, I truly understand how widespread the stress within a family can become.  Communication can break down and tension can mount when parents and siblings struggle to understand why a child behaves differently.  Relationships can suffer.  Marriages can dissolve.  The whole family can end up suffering.

I know through my own personal experience how untreated emotional blocks eventually produce physical illness and disease.  After journeying through my own personal healing by letting go myself of things from my past I have now dedicated my life to helping achieve healing by letting go!  I want to help you change your life for the better.  You too can let go and overcome challenges.  Call me please!  I want to help you and your loved one!

If you’re still reading……..here’s the boring stuff about me!  I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and completed post graduate work in Bio-Kinesiology and Applied Physiology.  I graduated from the University of Maryland University College Summa Cum Laude. I was originally trained in Brain Integration Technique to help with learning disorders, but have since integrated multiple modalities and techniques to help people let go of physical, mental and emotional disorders.