• Have you suffered a Stroke?

  • Are you having difficulty with your Recovery?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding activities because you’re afraid they may trigger an emotional response?

Are you looking for a drug free method?

Contact Diane Minkner  today to find out how soon we can get you in to help you with your Stroke & Tramatic Brian Injury Recovery.

Brain Integration addresses trauma in a way that is different than traditional treatments for post traumatic stress disorder.  The  subconscious mind literally hard wires stress from past events into different areas of the brain, causing recurring emotions and behavioral patterns that can prevent you from leaving the past in the past where it belongs.  Because these automatic reactions are controlled by your subconscious mind, Brain Integration goes into your subconscious to clear the stress.

Based on the latest neuroscience findings,  BIT uses muscle testing, combined with acupressure points to access the subconscious processes in the brain to locate and remove blocks.  Brain Integration  “awakens” areas of the brain previously blocked by subconscious stress by rerouting the blood flow within the brain therein changing brain-wave patterns.  This groundbreaking technique reorganizes the electromagnetic signals within the brain, changing the brain function from the inside out!  It is an all natural alternative to drugs!

Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is completely drug free and non-invasive.  It is an all natural alternative therapy that works together with psychotherapy and counseling.  Contact Diane Minkner now to start living life free from stress tomorrow!