I can’t help wondering if people stop to think about how terribly they treat themselves.  I know I am guilty myself of neglecting my health, ignoring my feelings and telling myself how I’m not good enough when I’ve done the best I possibly can.  Although I know better, I still do it.  You’re probably wondering right now why it matters?  It matters because how you relate to others is a reflection of how others will treat you. Do you judge yourself harshly?  Do you accept yourself for who you are?  Do you love yourself?  Are you kind to yourself?  Well you should be! 

If you don’t treat yourself with respect, you can’t really expect other people to.  

The relationship you have with yourself dictates the relationships you will have with those around you.  If you are attracting something into your life, it is time to go within and heal your relationship with yourself first.  Things don’t just happen randomly.  You are NOT always a victim of random circumstances.  (Sometimes bad things do happen and it is not your fault)  It is when there is a pattern of things happening in your life that there is a problem.  According to the laws of physics, we all attract what we are tuned into.  Like a radio, your brain is tuned into a specific “frequency” and you will attract that which you have tuned in.  To change your environment, you have to change the tuner, not the environment.  

Everything is available for you if you are tuned into the right frequency!  

Through complete integration of mind, body and spirit, you can align yourself with what you want to attract.  You can attract healing and wellness.  This all starts with awareness.  Awareness leads to accepting responsibility.  Responsibility empowers you to change.  Being a victim assigns blame and gives away your power. 

Victims do not heal!!!