How is it done?

I have two locations for your convenience….Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Scottsdale,  Arizona.  Both offices provide a comfortable relaxing, yet professional setting for my clients.  Please arrive fully nourished, hydrated with plain water and wearing comfortable clothes.  If you wear glasses or contacts, please wear them.  Do not discontinue any doctor prescribed medications as they do not interfere with your treatment.  I recommend that you bring a large water bottle and snacks.  Children can bring toys without batteries.  Cellphones and laptops need to be turned off and watches will need to be removed.  No WiFi signal may be transmitting to or from the treatment room.

Your Comprehensive Brain and Physiological Evaluation and Assessment will take between 90-120 minutes and the fee for this is $290.  This initial step is crucial to determine the extent of any blockages and to design the specific treatment program you will need.   You will be evaluated from a holistic prospective which includes autonomic response testing to evaluate neurological, environmental, mental, as well as physical factors involved in your well being.  I may determine that a toxic load is contributing to or causing your deficit and recommend that you begin a detox program prior to beginning your brain integration.  Although everyone benefits from a brain integration, it is not always prudent to begin when we can anticipate interference from toxic load on your neurons, your lymphatic system, or anywhere else in your body.  In some circumstances, the detoxification is all your body needs and the neuropathways in your brain open up themselves.  This saves you time and money to begin your journey to wellness conservatively.  My goal is to help you be the best you can be no matter what pathway we choose to walk along .

Once treatment begins you will continue to relax on a massage table fully dressed.  I do not poke you or make you uncomfortable in any way.  Using acupressure points on your body, I gently touch Meridian Points on your body while monitoring your muscles for any indication that there is a neurological block at each point.  I gently use the frontal occipital touch pictured above to correct for each imbalance and then continue onward until every neuropathway within your brain and body is free of any blocks.  Please read more about this autonomic response testing technique here.